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To request a quote or place an order – click here.


Phone: 07801262460


Email: eat@mamamaescupcakes.com

Enquiry Form

Please ensure all fields are filled in correctly. Please Note: Some mailboxes may direct our replies to your junk folder. Please list our email as safe to ensure you receive our replies immediately.

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Our standard cupcakes come in four sizes:

  • Petit Four Cupcakes ~ have a radius of 1″
  • Small Cupcakes ~ have a radius of 2.5
  • Medium Cupcakes ~ have a radius of 3″
  • Large Cupcakes ~ have a radius of 8″

Please Note: The overall height of a finished Mama Mae’s Cupcake varies from flavour to flavour, as each flavour has a set and very specific decoration style.


Our larger celebration cakes currently come in two main standard sizes:

  • 6″ round
  • 8″ round

Please Note: Although, these are our standard sizes we are still able to create specific sizes and shapes based on your own specifications. If you would like your cake to be a specific size or shape, please contact us to discuss your design ideas.

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Overall, our cupcakes/cakes really do not enjoy being stored in the fridge, as this will cause them to dry out. If you need to keep them longer, we recommend you store your cupcakes/cakes in an air-tight container in a cool location.

If your cupcakes/cakes have a cream cheese frosting or contain fresh fruits, for safety’s sake, please consume within 2 days. In addition, even though the internal texture of these cupcakes/cakes will change (it may become dry very quickly), these little delights must be refrigerated! Therefore, we suggest eating these varieties on the day you receive them.

[/eltdf_accordion_tab][eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag=”h6″ title=”Do Your Cakes Contain Nuts?”]

We do not use nuts in all our cupcakes/cakes – unless where clearly stated, however we cannot guarantee that our cupcakes/cakes and sprinkles do not contain traces of nuts.

[/eltdf_accordion_tab][eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag=”h6″ title=”Will My Cupcakes Look Like The Examples Online?”]

As all our cupcakes are made by hand on the day, the final product will vary every time. Please bear in mind that the images on our website are for display purposes only and are not always fully representative of the end product.

Saying that, we can guarantee you’ll be very happy with the way your order looks. If you have seen a specific design in our gallery page, which you really like and would like your cupcakes/cakes to look similar or exactly the same – please just let us know when submitting your order.

[/eltdf_accordion_tab][eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag=”h6″ title=”Do you send cupcakes/cakes through the post?”]

However, we also produce vegan options. Please note, as we do bake, as well as store ingredients such as flour, dairy, sugar and nuts on our premises; we do not recommend people with severe allergies or an aversion to these ingredients to purchase our cupcakes/cakes.

[/eltdf_accordion_tab][eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag=”h6″ title=”For Large Event Do You Arrange The Set-Up Of The Venue?”]

For a small fee our team can decorate a table for you, or you can simply hire one of our tiered cupcake/cake stands and display your cupcakes/cakes as desired.

[/eltdf_accordion_tab][eltdf_accordion_tab title_tag=”h6″ title=”Do you send cupcakes/cakes through the post?”]

All our cupcakes/cakes are hand delivered to guarantee they arrive straight to your door (/location) the same way they left our kitchens. (For more information on our delivery process – please Click Here!)


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Please enter any design ideas or important information you believe we will need to fulfill your order in this space (e.g. any message/notes you would like to appear on your order, additional quantities, sizes, dietary needs etc). Please feel free to be as detailed as possible (e.g. I want a Sponge Bob Square Pants cake in chocolate with red lettering).

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