Bespoke Services

Are you planning an event, such a birthday, baby shower or even a wedding?

If yes, let us help you bring even more elegance, uniqueness and glamour to your next special occasion.

We appreciate everyone has different tastes; therefore we have introduced this service, to help you make yours or a loved one’s day even more special with one of Mama Mae’s tasty bespoke treats.

Simply email, tell us your ideas, however intricate or “crazy” and we will try our very best to bring it to life.



Are You Planning A Wedding? If Yes, CONGRATULATIONS & LET US HELP!

Here at Mama Mae’s, we know how important it is for your wedding day to be absolutely perfect. Therefore, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your cake(s) meets and exceeds your expectations.

Your options are endless, we can produce a beautiful tower of bespoke cupcakes, or create an unique tiered cake in any of our delicious flavours. Moreover, as we can make our icing in absolutely any colour and have a vast selection of different decorations, whatever your wedding’s theme or style, we can produce beautiful bakes to match. Also to ensure your cupcakes/cake makes a dramatic statement, we can provide our cake stands for a reduced fee.

Our wedding package start from just £99.

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Make A TASTY Impact! Advertise Your Business In A New Way, With Mama Mae’s

If you want to stand out from the crowd at your next event and advertise your business in an exciting – new way, instead of giving away leaflets and stationary – why not give away your very own branded cupcakes or cake pops?

Whatever your needs, we can provide different solutions and ideas (from toppers to personalised packaging) to perfectly compliment your corporate branding, without compromising the taste of our products.

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