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Deliciously soulful plant-based cakes with a West African twist!

Why Choose Mama Mae’s Cupcakes?

Welcome to Mama Mae’s Cupcakes, we are a homemade cupcake bakery based in the heart of London, and are devoted to making delicious bespoke cupcakes for all our customers. Whether it is a birthday party or wedding, an anniversary or christening, an art exhibition or business networking event Mama Mae’s Cupcakes can create cupcakes for all occasions.

All our cupcakes are individually and delicately made by hand (We do not use mechanical tools) from the finest organic, fairtrade and natural ingredients. No cupcake ever leaves our kitchen without getting Big Mama’s approval.
Therefore, we can guareentee that your cupcakes will always look great and taste absolutely delicious!

Moroever to ensure our cupcakes are ready to take pride of place at your next event we can personally hand deliver your cupcakes straight to you door/location to ensure they look just as perfect as they did when we individually crownded each one with one of Mama’s bespoke decorations or toppers.
We understand there are many cupcake companies out there; so why should you try and choose Mama Mae’s Cupcakes? Below are some great reasons which differentiate us from the rest of the competition:

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[pk_drop_caps type=”2″ color=””]1[/pk_drop_caps] Our cupcakes are succulent! All our cupcakes are packed full of flavour and topped generously. We do not skimp on quality and portions, as Mama’s aim is to make your mouth water! Our cupcakes also come in vibrant colours and bold designs. So, add some colour and fun to your day with one of our box of delicious cupcakes. We’re in the kitchen waiting!


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[pk_drop_caps type=”2″ color=””]2[/pk_drop_caps] Delicately Made! All our cupcakes are individually and delicately made by hand, to ensure they are as perfect and will make perfect centrepieces. We NEVR use any mechanical tools during our production process.


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[pk_drop_caps type=”2″ color=””]3[/pk_drop_caps] 100% Natural & Organic. Our handmade cupcakes contain NO artificial ingredients or preservatives. We only use the finest and freshest natural ingredients. And as a way of giving back to the global community, 50% of our ingredients are either fair-trade, locally sourced or organic.


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[pk_drop_caps type=”2″ color=””]4[/pk_drop_caps] Rich Ingredients. We only use the finest ingredients, to ensure all our cupcakes not only look great, but tastes rich, flavoursome and amazing.


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[pk_drop_caps type=”2″ color=””]5[/pk_drop_caps] Full Whole Ingredients. Our cupcakes are infused with full whole juicy ingredients, to ensure all our cupcakes epitomise their namesake.


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[pk_drop_caps type=”2″ color=””]6[/pk_drop_caps] No Design Idea is Impossible! We can make delicious icing in absolutely any colour. We have a large selection of colourful sprinkles and decorations, beautiful sugar flowers and we can also make bespoke handmade toppers just for you, such as your favourite cartoon character, a corporate logo or personal photo.


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[pk_drop_caps type=”2″ color=””]7[/pk_drop_caps] We Are Green! Mama Mae’s Cupcakes cares about the environment and the impact we make. For that reason, we’ve made many sustainable choices for our business.


Please take a look around the site to see more of what we do, and what we can do for you.


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